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  ADvTECH Environmental.........Our Corporate Commitment!!

It is our commitment to employ "Total Quality Management" to ensure the quality of services and products provided to our clients.  The dedication of ADvTECH to providing the highest-quality services at the most competitive cost to our clients drives us to continually develop methods to improve client satisfaction.  ADvTECH employs four primary components in managing projects: 

    Clear Organization: A specific organization is defined for each assignment.  An Officer of ADvTECH is assigned as the Project Officer and a Project Manager is assigned with appropriate supporting staff. 

    Definition of Tasks to be Performed:  Significant effort is expended to clearly define each task to be performed, including technical requirements, budget, the deliverables and schedule. 

    Scheduling and Tracking Support:  ADvTECH uses several PC-based scheduling software programs...for example, Microsoft Project Manager.  This allows for a wide range of details to be planned, allocating resources, and identifying the critical path of the project. 

    Financial Management:  The financial aspects of each project are evaluated on a real-time basis.  Invoices and status reports are based on weekly updates of the system and are readily available to Project Managers in their review of each project progress.

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