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The following person is available to discuss your needs in our Brea office:

Michael E. Shiang, R.G., C.Hg.



Mr. Shiang, Principal Consultant of ADvTECH Environmental, Inc., has over 30 years of solid professional experience in conducting landfill gas assessments and remedial designs, hydrogeological studies, providing project management and litigation support, and developing sound client relations in the environmental services industry.  Prior to ADvTECH, Mr. Shiang was employed by ARCADIS Geraghty & Miller, one of the nations leading ground-water consulting firms.  His tenure at this firm, which started in 1977, has provided him with solid practical experience in conducting and implementing environmental programs including hydrogeologic site investigations, RI/FS programs, RCRA and CERCLA/SARA studies, RFA and RFI programs, hazardous and solid waste assessments, UST management, soil and ground-water remediation, computer modeling, environmental assessments/audits for property transfer, compliance review, and risk assessment.

Mr. Shiang has managed numerous small scale to multi-million dollar environmental projects to the client's satisfaction, on time and on budget.  These projects have generally employed a multi-disciplinary approach by integrating a matrix system of management to meet the needs of the client.  He has developed and implemented contract negotiations, performed cost-benefit analysis and cost-control measures for large- and small-scale environmental projects throughout the nation.  Mr. Shiang has spent the last 14 years conducting environmental projects in California, and over 10 years performing similar studies in the south-central (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) and south-eastern (Tampa, Florida) states.  In addition, projects have been performed along the eastern U.S. and Caribbean.

Providing his full personal commitment to ADvTECH's clients, Mr. Shiang offers the highest standards of excellence through sound environmental management practices. In keeping with this commitment, he has successfully strategized and negotiated, on behalf of industry, strong technically defensible positions related to hydrogeologic investigations and site characterization to help reduce overall costs of environmental programs and minimize requirements imposed by local, state, and federal regulatory agencies. 


- Certified Geological Scientist (CGS No. 7055): American Institute of
       Professional Geologists
-  Registered Geologist: California (RG No. 5794); Idaho (RG No. 786); Arizona
       (RG No. 27615); Wyoming (PG No. 2289); North Carolina (RG No. 540),
       South Carolina (PG No. 460)
-  Certified Hydrogeologist, California (CHg No. 330)
-  Registered Environmental Assessor, California (REA No. 1616)
-  Certified Environmental Inspector No. 7391
-  State of California – Engineering A Contractor’s License
-  Certified Health & Safety Training Program ‑ OSHA & SARA
-  Project Management Training Program, 1991, 1992, 1997
-  RCRA Management Training Program, 1992, 1996
-  Instructor, UCLA Hazardous Waste Management Training Course


B.A., Geology, Boston University, 1976
M.S., Environmental Studies, California State University, Fullerton, 1999
Graduate Studies/Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT),
Graduate Studies/Research, Louisiana State University, 1984


-    Review, assessment, and design of landfill gas remediation systems.
-    Strategic planning, implementation and management of remedial
      investigation/feasibility studies (RI/FS) under CERCLA, and regulatory
      negotiations for consent orders and technical compliance programs.
-    Investigation and remediation of soil and ground‑water contamination,
      and UST program management.
-    Preparation and administration of hazardous waste/facility plans,
      including: hazardous waste/site characterization work plans; waste
      sampling and analysis plans; quality assurance/quality control
      documentation; and health and safety plans.
-    Development and installation of remedial systems/equipment.
-    Municipal water supply and monitoring-well design, construction and
-    Preparation of Federal and State Hazardous Waste Permit Applications
      (RCRA Compliance).
-    Litigation/Technical Support.
-    Environmental compliance and facility audits.
-    Development and management of groundwater supply and
      water-resources evaluation.


Site Characterization, Hydrogeological Investigation, and Remediation         

            ‑          Preparation and implementation of ground‑water monitoring programs for industries in California to investigate soil and ground‑water contamination.  These studies included soil sampling, monitor‑well instal­lation, and sampling and analysis plans to address specific regulatory requirements; in particular, to determine the impact and rate of movement of chemicals through the subsurface.  Typical sites included chemical facilities, refineries, aerospace manufacturers, nuclear waste repositories, terminals and ports, fuel service stations, manufacturing facilities, and computer industries. 

            -         RI/FS study, aquifer evaluation, remedial design, and risk management for several RCRA and CERCLA sites in northern and southern California, Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Puerto Rico and Jamaica. 

            -         Planned and implemented ground-water monitoring and vadose-zone monitoring programs.  Tasks included free product detection and recovery, soil vapor sampling, ground-water monitoring, data reduction, and reporting.  Applied numerical models for simulation of ground-water flow and chemical transport. 

            -         Prepared and conducted remedial action plans, feasibility studies and assessed cost-effective remedial technologies for the clean-up of soil and ground-water contamination.  Performed initial clean-up of free product beneath sites, and evaluated risks associated with the presence of soil and ground-water contamination.  Successfully utilized risk-based closure to obtain "no further action" of site under the auspices of the RWQCB.  Evaluated enhanced soil venting/vapor extraction, and biotreatment technologies throughout southern California. 

Hazardous and Solid Waste Management 

            -         Coordinated disposal of hazardous and solid wastes, reviewed disposal facility operations to determine associated liabilities in utilizing various contractors.  Assessments included ability of facility to comply with appropriate local, state and federal regulations. 

            ‑        Prepared closure certification for various solid and hazardous waste facilities.  Directed and supervised excavation of contaminated sludges and soils and prepared soil analysis plans for closure of facilities. 

            ‑         Prepared Hazardous Waste Permit Applications (Part A and Part B) for industries to meet regulatory compliance with RCRA.  Negotiated ground‑water protection programs and standards as part of the overall permitting process.  Continued to evaluate site conditions to address technical notices of deficiencies to secure permits. 

            -        Conducted closure and negotiated "clean" closure for several UST programs for major fuel oil companies.  Established "clean-up" criteria to assist regulatory agencies in evaluating the risks associated with residual chemicals in soils.

RCRA and CERCLA Programs

            -       Conducted RCRA Facilities Assessment and Investigation, and negotiated compliance programs with EPA and state agencies on behalf of major petrochemical refineries and transportation facilities.  Addressed hydrogeological concerns, conducted facility review/audit, evaluated risks associated with soil and ground-water contamination. 

            -        Provided Senior Technical overview to several hydrogeological and remedial investigations for determining clients responsibility as part of U.S. EPA Superfund site in the San Fernando and San Gabriel Valley ground-water basins.  Performed assessment of potential NPL site using the EPA Hazardous Ranking System. 

            -          Directed and provided Senior Technical review of an RI/FS for a major utility company in Southern California.  The site hydrogeological characterization was related to wood-treating chemicals (such as: creosote, dioxin, and furans) from pole yard operations. 

Environmental Site Audits/Assessments

            -         Conducted and managed numerous Phase I Environmental Site Audits for major chemical/industrial facilities related to property transfer. 

            -         Assisted in the planning of an environmental audit for a national real estate company to address all environmental issues along several city blocks in Century City, California.  This property was being purchased by foreign investors. 

            -        Conducted Phase I, II, and III Environmental Site Audits for various national chain warehouse and discount facilities in the Southern California area. Provided "due diligence" reports of environmental concerns. 

Closure and Permitting

            -         Conducted closure and negotiated "clean" closure for several UST programs for major fuel oil companies.  Established "clean-up" criteria to assist regulatory agencies in evaluating the risks associated with residual chemicals in soils. 

            -          Conducted a feasibility study and assessed cost-effective remedial technologies for the clean-up of diesel contamination from a national truck leasing company in the San Gabriel Valley, California.  Performed initial clean-up of free product beneath the site, and evaluated risks associated with the presence of soil and ground-water contamination. 

            -          Directed and evaluated appropriate clean-up technologies for soil and ground-water contamination at various fuel/oil stations.  Evaluated enhanced soil venting/vapor extraction, and biotreatment technologies throughout Southern California. 

            ‑          Prepared closure certification for various solid and hazardous waste facilities.  Directed and supervised excavation of contaminated sludges and soils and prepared soil and analysis plans for closure of facilities. 

Litigation/Technical Support

-          -       Support technical trial strategies and data review for counsel
         concerning ground-water and soil impacts from leaky pipelines, sumps
         and historical facility operations.  Provided evaluation of “best
         management practices” utilized in clean up and assessment of impacts
         where multiple parties have been involved, specifically to determine
         individual “potential” liabilities.  Provided critique of “due diligence” in
         work performed between multiple parties in liability suits.

-       Prepared technical trial strategies for counsel concerning ground-water
         contamination of a public supply well in the High Plains of Texas.
         Counsel represented a small community in which water supply had been
         impacted by chemicals.  Prepared trial exhibits/graphics for testimony. 
         Extensive literature review was conducted to assess the potential for
         ground-water contamination to have occurred from past waste disposal
         practices via surface impoundments. 

-       Assisted counsel in the development and implementation of a field
         assessment program to evaluate the impact of former operations related
         to aerospace/ordinance manufacturing in southern California, Orange
         County area.  Under limited time constraints, a field verification program
         was implemented to collect hydrogeologic and chemical data to
         determine the environmental hazards associated with the site.  Assisted
         with the development and preparation of trial graphics for counsel. 

-       Assisted legal counsel in preparing data evaluations on ground-water
         monitoring data to assess the impacts of former operations of a major
         defense industry in southern California, San Fernando Valley.
         Monitoring strategies were developed to evaluate the extent of ground
         water contamination, ultimately to be used in the course of determining
         cost allocation among PRPs for ground-water cleanup.

Consent Order/Regulatory Negotiations

            -         Assisted independent counsel in the planning and overview of work plan negotiations served to an independent dry cleaning facility as a result of historical spills, leaks, and disposal activities.  Consent order negotiations resulted in minimizing the effort required by state order, allowing for initiation of a remedial program. 

Represented a major Southern California utility company in negotiations with local agencies concerning the technical scope of investigative activities.  The final agreement minimized the scope of work as requested by the agencies, yet achieving the objectives of both parties.  This effort eliminated the imposition of a consent order that the agencies contemplated.  In addition, assisted PRPs in compliance program negotiations under the auspices of the RWQCB and EPA. 

            -         Assisted legal council in determining the impact of ground-water contamination and resulting degradation to potable water supplies in a designated "sole source" aquifer in the mid-west.  Coordinated the technical issues in support of litigation activities.        

Other Related Experience 

            -         Developed and implemented a business development maintenance program for "key" clients, and established "target" accounts for offices.

-           Prepared numerous technical reports and proposals and provided
             quality assurance/quality control to project managers.


Instructor, UCLA Extension - Hazardous Materials Management Program, Soil Remediation Technologies and Regulatory Compliance, Technical Procedures in Establishing Site Cleanup Criteria, Co-sponsors UCLA and Pollution Prevention International, Los Angeles, October 1991, November 1995.  

Instructor, UCLA Extension - Hazardous Materials Management Program, Soil Remediation Technologies and Risk Assessment, Co-sponsors UCLA and Pollution Prevention International, Los Angeles, May 1992, April 1996, Sept 2002. 

Innovative Technologies for Accelerated Cleanup of Soil and Ground-Water, presentation and technical article for the American Chemical Society, Division of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Symposium "Emerging Technologies for Hazardous Waste Management" in Atlanta,  Georgia, September 21-23, 1992. 

In-Situ and On-Site Bioremediation Symposium, Cleanup of Petroleum Fuel Hydrocarbons - A Regulatory Approach to Closure, in San Diego, CA., Sponsored by Battelle, April 1995, June 2003. 

San Gabriel Valley, Select Steering Committee, Technical Approaches and Cleanup Options for Volatile Organic Compounds in the Puente Valley Operable Unit, May 1998 - October 1999, September 2005.

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Director of Environmental Services  

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