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Preliminary Endangerment Assessment

CUNA Site Pomona Unified School District
Pomona, California


    Geophysical Survey

    Historical and Surrounding Land Use Review (Phase I)

    DTSC Negotiations

    PEA Work Plan Development

    PEA Site Investigation Implementation (Phase II)

    Public Participation

    PEA Health Risk Assessment

    PEA Final Reports

Unified School District
Capital Facilities Program Management

800 South Garey Avenue
Pomona, CA  91766
Contact – Mr. Ron Young

(909) 397-4800


Mid 2001 - February 2002




General Description


The CUNA Site is a proposed school site property located on Garey Avenue in the city of Pomona, California.  It is a 16.5 acre site comprised of former agricultural groves, residential dwellings and four existing commercial buildings.  A Preliminary Endangerment Assessment (PEA) Work Plan was prepared and submitted to DTSC for approval.  Upon approval, the PEA was implemented under the auspices of DTSC’s Sacramento office.  The PEA implementation was focused on site evaluation, site characterization, and health risk evaluation.


The PEA Plans were prepared in accordance with the guidelines of the CalEPA DTSC, as detailed in the Preliminary Endangerment Assessment Guidance Manual (January 1994, second printing June 1999).  In addition, specific guidance contained within the Interim Guidance for Sampling Agricultural Soils (June, 2000) were incorporated.  The PEA project entailed a summary of Site Background Information and Planned Field Sampling and Data Collection Activities, overall objectives of the PEA process, a detailed discussion of site background research conducted in preparation of the work plan, supporting Field Sampling Plan (FSP), a synopsis of the Human Health and Ecological Risk Screening Evaluation, and a proposed work schedule.  PUSD has received a "No Further Action" designation from DTSC concerning this proposed school property acquisition and/or future anticipated construction. 

















Project Highlights:

    Site Description –identified the physical setting of the Site in relation to the surrounding area

    Background – reviewed site status and history pertaining to waste management practices that occurred on the site and surrounding area

    Apparent Problem – through review of available information identified known or potential sources of contamination

    Environmental Setting – identified site conditions that would influence the transport of potential contaminants to an exposed individual or environmental receptors

    Field Sampling Activities and Results – conducted field sampling activities, geoprobe and hand auger sampling activities, and compiled analytical data for HRA.

    Screening Human Health Risk Assessment – performed a screening evaluation of the chronic human health risks associated with chemicals detected in soil.  The risk from Site-related contaminants were below thresholds established by DTSC.

    Conclusions and Recommendations

– Recommendation that “no further action” was appropriate based on HRA for site conditions.  DTSC agreed and accepted position taken in Final PEA Evaluation.




a.      Project Name & Location

b.    Nature of Firm's Responsibility

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d.      Project Duration

e.     Estimated Project Cost


Emergency Removal Action

Valle Lindo High School
 El Monte,


    Conducted Emergency Removal Action for Active School Site

    Removal of Contaminated Soil – Arsenic and Dioxin-Impacted Soils and USTs

    Transport and dispose of excavated soil and UST’s

    Interagency and Multiple-Party Coordination


El Monte Union High School District
3537 Johnson Avenue
El Monte, CA 91731

Contact – Ms. Camille Boden



March 2001

(1 month)




General Description


The Valle Lindo High School Site is within the El Monte Union High School District.  The Scope of Work involved the removal of contaminated soil from the subject site, and removal of two underground storage tanks.  Historical data indicated that the soil was impacted by total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), arsenic, and dioxins (PCDD/PCDFs).  The concentrations of these compounds detected exceed those deemed acceptable by the human health screening evaluation completed for the site.  The most effective remedial action was determined to be removal of the impacted soil and removal of the USTs.  The excavated soil were transported offsite for disposal, and the USTs were transported offsite for recycling.


ADvTECH staff provided the overall project and construction management of this Remedial Action, and subcontracted services for the excavation of the USTs and chemically-impacted soil.  Other subcontractors utilized included: transportation and disposal of impacted soils, soil chemical analysis, geotechnical testing, and surveying.  The emergency removal action resulted in the removal of approximately 940 tons of impacted soil and two remnant underground storage tanks.  In addition to the Pre-Field Activities, Excavation – Remedial Actions, UST Removals and Closure, confirmation sampling and reporting, ADvTECH coordinated activities associated with Site Preparation and Security Measures, Permit Requirements, Staging Areas, Dust Control Activities, Site Air Monitoring and Health & Safety Issues, and Facility Contamination Control.












Project Highlights:

      Site Investigation – conducted review of Phase II investigation to determine extent of soil contamination.

      Remedial Action Plan – assisted with the development of the emergency remedial action plan in cooperation with the DTSC.

      Excavation – provided construction management for the removal of arsenic and dioxin-impacted soils from active school property.

      Historical Data Review – reviewed historical data associated with past use of site.

      Coordinated Agency Interaction – on behalf of EMUSD, discussed clean-up levels and removal alternatives with various agencies to abate soil contamination.

      Multiple Party Coordination – addressed concerns of other responsible parties from which soil contamination may have been derived.

      Groundwater Evaluation – conducting review of groundwater conditions to assure that the groundwater pathway was not a concern.

      Reduced – reduced/minimized EMUSD’s liability and costs associated with the disposal of contaminated soil, and potential exposure to residual soil contamination.




a.      Project Name & Location

b.    Nature of Firm's Responsibility

c.       Project Owner's Name & Phone Number

d.      Project Duration

e.      Estimated Project Cost


Newport-Mesa Unified School District
Maintenance, Operations and Transportation Facility

Costa Mesa, California


    Work Plan Development and Agency Approvals

    Phase II Site Investigation

    Remedial Action Plan

    Groundwater Sampling Program


Newport-Mesa Unified School District

 2985 Bear Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Contact – Mr. Tommy Reminiskey

(714) 424-7545

     August 2001

   (Initial Survey)

On-going Site Activities



General Description


ADvTECH has completed a series of environmental projects for NMUSD, including: preparation of work plan and technical specifications for Subsurface Soil and Groundwater Evaluation, and Remedial Action Plan (RAP) for soil and groundwater at their Baker-Bear Street facility in Costa Mesa, California.  The on-going investigations/remedial actions are being conducted under the auspices of the Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA) and the Santa Ana RWQCB.


The overall objective of these projects were to conduct a soil and groundwater site investigation for the maintenance yard area, which encompasses the fuel dispenser and former 500-gallon waste oil tank areas.  The investigation and data obtained provided an initial evaluation of the site conditions beneath the subject area, as well as pertinent technical information in evaluating future requirements for the site.  Supporting documentation compiled included: soil boring and well-installation logs; groundwater-sampling forms; laboratory analytical data, and a RAP.  ADvTECH has prepared a Supplemental Work Plan to conduct further assessment and recovery of free-phase liquid.  Additional well installation (groundwater and soil vapor extraction wells), along with equipment needed for the recovery of free-phase liquid is currently being negotiated with the agency.  Activities include: installation of supplemental soil vapor or groundwater monitoring wells; determination of aquifer characteristics (hydraulic testing - slug testing or aquifer pump tests); and final Design for Soil Remediation and Groundwater Extraction; Health Risk Assessment related to residual contamination in soil and groundwater; contaminant fate and transport of dissolved groundwater contamination, and establishing “clean-up” goals.
















Project Highlights:

      Site Investigation –conducted Phase II investigation to determine extent of soil, and groundwater contamination.

      Historical Data Review – Phase I - reviewed historical data associated with past use of site.

      Remedial Action Plan – prepared remedial action plan in cooperation with the Regional Water Quality Control Board and OCHCA.

      Excavation – Remedial Action – completed excavation, transportation and removal of TPH-impacted soil to an off-site recycling facility.

      VES System Work Plan – prepared work plan for a VES System for cleanup of residual soil contamination.

      Coordinated Agency Interaction – on behalf of NMUSD, discussed clean-up levels and further site investigation alternatives with various agencies to minimize liability.

      Groundwater Evaluation – conducting review of groundwater conditions to assess remedial alternatives.

      Groundwater Sampling – conducting quarterly groundwater sampling to meet the requirements of the OCHCA and Regional Water Quality Control Board.

      Quarterly Reporting - submittal of quarterly reports for site groundwater quality and soil vapor extraction data to the lead agency.

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