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SCHOOL DISTRICT PROJECTS                    


ADvTECH has a long-standing relationship with a number of school districts in southern California.  ADvTECH has supported school districts in a variety of work programs including Phase I and II ESAs, PEA, RAs, and community profile compliance, in conjunction with new school sitings, addressing operation and maintenance compliance issues at existing school facilities including; storm water pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) development, training, and monitoring; UST removal and upgrade compliance; and quarterly groundwater monitoring and reporting.   

A typical school siting will go through a number of screening steps before a candidate school site is deemed acceptable for development.  A typical school siting may include the following screening process; Phase I ESA, limited Phase II ESA, PEA, with the ultimate goal of obtaining a “no further action” designation from the DTSC.  The scope of the Phase I/II ESA was described above, the PEA process is a unique multidisciplinary process requiring the services of qualified professionals in the areas of geology, hydrogeology, toxicology, community relations and public participation.  The goal of the PEA process, through a rigorous site assessment process, is to identify and evaluate the potential hazards and/or toxicological risks to student and adult populations that would attend the proposed school.      

Summary of School District
Environmental Programs









Pomona Unified  School District





Phase I Data Evaluation
Phase II Investigation
PEA Work Plan Development and DTSC Approval
PEA Work Plan Implementation
Health Risk Evaluation
Public Participation
DTSC Agency Liaison
Obtained NFA from DTSC (2 sites completed)  





Indian Hills – Mills Ave
White Street
1020 Mission Ave
Webber Street
North Garey Site


Phase I Data Evaluation
Work Plan Preparation
Facility Audits
Phase II Investigation

Agency Liaison  


Pomona Valley  Educational Fund  


Mills Street Site


Property Acquisition Support
Phase II Investigation


Newport-Mesa Unified School District



Baker-Bear Street


Strategy and Approach Planning
Phase II Work Plan Development
UST and Fuel Dispenser Investigtion
Removal Action Plan Development
Development of Remediation Plan (Soil, GW, SVE)
Quarterly Compliance Monitoring  


Alhambra Unified  School District



Facility Maintenance Yard


UST Removal and Oversight
Removal Action
Work Plan Development
Development of Technical Specs.
Construction Management  


Placentia-Yorba-Linda  Unified School District



District Transportation
and Maintenance Yard


Fueling System Replacement/Upgrade
Development of Tech Specs. (Engineering Drawings)
Bid Evaluation and Contractor Selection
Public Notification/Participation
Construction Management
Construction Permit and Cost Control Management  


El Monte Unified  School District  

Mountain View School District


Valle Lindo High School


Developed Removal Action Plan (Excavation, Trans./Disp.)
Managed Removal Action with Agency
Construction Management  



San Gabriel/Alhambra  Unified School District  


San Gabriel High School


UST Removal
Construction Management


Fullerton  Unified School District  


1401 W. Valencia Drive


Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)
BMP's and Training

UST Soil and Vapor Surveys
Regulatory and Clean Up

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