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Our staff has the experience to provide effective coordination of the project and a unique ability to foster effective "team-building" that has proven successful in responding to project requirements.  ADvTECH has maintained the highest standards of service by providing a multi-disciplinary staff, with appropriate capabilities and registration in their respective fields, to assure development and implementation of technically-sound solutions to the problem.

What our Staff can do.........

ADvTECH's multi-disciplinary staff, upon completion of the site characterization, can assess a broad range of remediation alternatives including facility closure and decontamination, soil removal, underground tank removal, ground-water treatment, soil venting, and bioremediation.

Typical cleanup activities provided/coordinated by ADvTECH include the design and installation of ground-water recovery, treatment and recharge systems; treatment of contaminated soil; design and installation of containment structures like slurry walls and hydraulic barriers.  Our experience in ground-water treatment systems ranges from small facilities such as gasoline stations with leaking underground storage tanks to large industrial complexes with contamination problems requiring large-scale aquifer restoration.  Our systems are designed to meet your site conditions.

The proper closure and decommissioning of facilities where hazardous materials and wastes have been in use or stored generally results in a secure environment.  Our closure plans are aimed at mitigating any past contamination problems and minimizing the risk of future releases, building in safeguards so that any potential releases are promptly detected and controlled.


Numerous technologies have been implemented at sites worldwide to remediate contaminated groundwater.  Some of the most commonly used technologies such as air sparging, vapor extraction and ex-situ (above-ground) air-stripping are based on physical removal of contaminants; however, significant shortcomings are inherent with each individual method.  A description of an innovative technology that combines the elements of air stripping and air sparging/soil vapor extraction has been developed by ART.  Results of laboratory simulation and actual field implementation of this innovative remediation system has been provided in the feature article.

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The ART Developers...............

Marco M. Odah, P.E.
is a principal engineer and cofounder of Accelerated Remediation Technologies, LLC based in Olathe, Kansas. Mr. Odah has more than 14 years of experience in environmental and geotechnical engineering and has designed and implemented a broad range of practical soil and groundwater remediation technologies.  He is a registered professional engineer in several states.

Mark Davis
is a geologist and cofounder of Accelerated Remediation Technologies, LLC.  Mr. Davis has been in the environmental business for more than 16 years in various capacities ranging from field geologist to Director to Vice President of Sales/Project Development for major environmental consulting and equipment firms.  

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